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Laser Therapy As the Solution for Hair Regrowth

Low level laser hair therapy is a non-invasive revolutionary method of promoting hair regrowth. With it, your hair can become shinier, thicker and just plain healthier, just like before. Provided you pick a clinic that offers Food and Drug Administration-approved cold or soft lasers, nothing should keep you.

Laser hair therapy is an effortless and totally painless procedure that comes with no known side effects. While developed in Europe mainly for cosmetic purposes – that is, for better hair perms and colors – it is now widely recognized as an effective method of controlling and preventing hair loss.

Specific Benefits of Laser Hair Treatment

> Enhances blood supply in scalp by over 50% with only a single treatment.

> Hair follicle stimulation

> Arrests hair loss progression in 85% of cases

> Promotes hair softness, elasticity, strength

> Benefits newly transplanted hair and helps speed up the process of healing

> Repairs hair treatment-caused damage

Low level laser light has been a procedure of choice for various conditions in Europe for the last three decades, and is the subject of about 2,500 scientific studies published in all over the world. As we have said previously, the treatment has no known side effects as proven by all the research behind it.

Despite the promise held by laser treatment before, it only rose to popularity fairly recently. Nowadays, low-level laser treatment is now increasingly and even preferred by practitioners for a wide variety of conditions. International practitioners began to realize the real benefits offered by laser hair therapy more than they ever did.

Low Level Laser Light and How It Works

Low level laser light is compressed light of an electromagnetic radiation spectrum wavelength, specifically the cold, red portion. It is different from natural light because it only has one specific color and is coherent (travels along a straight line), monohromatic (one wavelength only) and columnated (its beam is concentrated on a particular location). These are the factors behind laser light’s ability to penetrate with zero damage, heat or any side effects.

For a long time time, top hair restoration clinics and salons the world over have been relying on this technology for hair regrowth or simply for restoring desirable hair qualities, like shine and thickness. Compared to other methods, this one is clearly ahead in terms of effectiveness, what what a whole arsenal of scientific studies to support it.

If you’re thinking of laser therapy for your hair woes, you have all the reasons to try it. However, take note that even if this procedure is now quite popular, not all that perform it are qualified. So before you choose a certain salon or clinic, make sure to do some research.

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