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Benefits of Fabric Filters

The work that industries do involve them emitting a lot of gases. It is important however that these gases be filtered so that they do not affect the ozone layer as required by international standards. A common way these gases can be filtered is by using fabric filters. Below are some of the benefits of using fabric filters.

One reason why fabric filters are ideal is because they have high efficiencies in collecting gases. Since fabrics have small grain size holes or can be woven to the desired size, they end up capturing more dust and having a higher efficiency compared to other types of materials. The fabrics also function well in specific boundaries and are consistent making them quite ideal.

With fabric filters, you also do not have to worry about combustion occurring. Some filtering mechanism, promote the mixing of air which can be dangerous. Fabric filters do not allow for mixing of air and fire is less likely to be caused.

When you use fabric filters, you do not require power. This is highly economical and helpful since it is a cost-effective way of filtering gases. Power is therefore saved to be used for more productive work and helps you save money in the long end.

Fabric filters are also not sensitive to specific gases and this makes them ideal to be used in filtering air. It is easy to use fabric filters on any type of gas since they are not sensitive to them. They can therefore be used to filter air in any industry.

You can use different sized filters at different stages of the collection. It is easy to therefore collect different type of gases. The size of the filters can also be adjusted if need be with time for more efficiency in collecting the gases.

Fabric filters are usually not affected by Sulphur. Fabric filters make it easy to collect gases with sulfur and Sulphur components. It is therefore easy to collect such gases without adverse effects.

Flammable gases can be collected with fabric filters. It is easy to collect such gases without the fear that hazards will occur. This makes such filter bags ideal to be used in industries for air purification.

Fabric filters can also be created from diverse materials for higher efficiency. For your industry, you can use material that will be most ideal. You can also combine two or more materials to make fabric filters and this helps to make your plant quite efficient in collecting such gases.

Modern technology has also helped to design fabric filters that are resistant to acids and alkalis. Such resistance gives you more stability when filtering gases. Such stability is important since it helps make your system and processes for gas and dust filtering up to the required standards.

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